Workshops and Fieldmeetings

Below this notice, you will find a list of field trips and workshops I have been to and I have taken photos of lichens at. We try to make photos available as soon as possible after we shoot them, but it is quite a bit work to write the galleries and comments on all of these photos I take.

BLS Summer Meeting 2003: Nettlecombe
This meeting took place in Nettlecombe Court near Taunton in Somerset. Topics of the workshop were the species Physcia, Heterodermia, Physconia, Amandinea, Rinodina and Hyperphyscia. The meeting was organized by Ivan Pedley and the lectures were held by Peter W. James. Nettlecombe 2003

BLS Summer Meeting 2002: The Lake District
A Field Meeting in the Lake District, the first one Lake District 2002