Conditions for the use of the photos of the domain

0. These conditions are valid for all photos unless they are not excluded.
0.1 These conditions do not include the symbol "!" on page "e.welcome.html". This symbol may not be downloaded or copied.

1. You may save the photos of this domain on your system and use them for private purposes, i.e. insert them in documents and print them.

2. If you wish to publish one of the photos from this domain you are obligued to give a reference together with the photo, saying either: "By kind permission of Richard Burghause, Germany," or "Source: Richard Burghause,".

3. If you process a photo from this domain you are obliged to add the reference "Original: copyright © Richard Burghause. Germany;" to the photo.

4. Commercial utilization of the photos is prohibited without a written permission by the holder of the copyright.

© 2003 by Richard Burghause, Germany. All rights reserved.