15 Oct 2004

We have started a big restructuring session to make maintaining this site easier. We are also coding the picture galleries for this year's BLS Summer Workshop in Bangor, Wales.

03 Dec 2003

The link section is now updated a bit.

29 Nov 2003

I have solved the Problem with the margin. The problem was that I used the <pre> tag with the CSS class. I fixed the problem using <span> tag.

09 Nov 2003

I have discovered a problem with the "Top"-frame: Using the Netscape Gecko® engine, the margin is a lot too broad. I am working on a solution for this problem.

28 Aug 2003

The links for downloading a modern browser that supports frames etc. are now more comfortable and lead directly to the download site.

27 Aug 2003

The August 2nd version of the site is now online.

2 Aug 2003

I have added the report as well as the photos of the BLS Summer Workshop 2003 in Nettlecomne, Somerset. The site now also uses Stylesheets.

12 Apr 2003

The domain of the website has changed to www.lichens.de. The website is now located at its final domain. The contents have been partiallly renewed.

26 Jan 2003

The problem with the blue margin around the images has been fixed. The bug originated from the <img> tag, that takes border as a parameter. In Internet Explorer, the default for border is "1". As I did not explicitly set border, Internet Explorer drew a margin around the picture.

20 Jul 2002

The site is now online. Although, it is not complete yet, we hope, that it my be useful.

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