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The scientific contents of this page were created by Annelie Burghause, who is a botanist and has been working on lichens for "ages". As botanists are not bound to be good in creating web sites, Richard Burghause has written this site with all of its contents.

The photos have been taken by Richard Burghause, too. Until winter of 2002, the photos were taken with an Sony Digital Mavica camera. The quality was not that good. After this date, the photos on this site have been taken with a Nikon Coolpix 4500. This model has got a maximum resolution of 2272×1704 (4 megapixels). As images of these dimensions are about 1.4 MB in size, which makes the download take very long, I have resized the full sized images to 1024×768 (0.8 megapixels) wich makes the pictures have a size of about 100 to 300 KB. If you would like to have the full sized picture of our image, just drop me a mail and I will send the picture to you.

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