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The British Lichen Society

The British Lichen is an organisation mainly working on the lichens of the British Isles. Its web home page provides a lot of information on these lichens, and Tom Chester's project examining lichens on churchyards. []

Forest Lichens of New Zealand

A very well-designed and informative site about the lichens hidden in the forests of New Zealand. There are wonderful pictures and you can learn a lot. If you go up in the site's hierarchy, you will discover even more of New Zealand's forests. []

Introductions to lichens

A clear introduction to lichens covering the most important topics of lichenology. This site will give you a brief introduction to lichens. []

Another introduction provided by the university of Edinburgh. []

Lichens of North America

An information site about the lichen flora of North America. []

Lichens - silent witnesses of air quality

On this site by the National History Museum you can find out more about the fact that you can say a lot about the quality of the environment by looking at the lichens of this place. []


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