Book recommendations

Here is a list of interesting books about lichens. Please note, that some of these books are written for advanced lichenologists. If you are new to lichens, you should have a look at some web sites about lichens first. Then, if you want to become a lichenologist, these books will help you.

Author(s) Title Publishing company
Baron, G. (1999) Understanding Lichens Richmond Publishing Co., Slough
Dobson, F.S. (2000) Lichens: An Illustrated Guide to the British and Irish Species.
4th revised colour edition
Richmond Publishing Co., Slough
Dobson, F.S. (2002) Lichen-Identifier. A multi-access key to the Lichens of Great Britain and Ireland.
CD & Booklet
publ. by F.S. Dobson, New Malden
Gilbert, O. (2000) Lichens Harper Collins
Jahns, H.M. (1980) Farne, Moose, Flechten. BLV, München
Kirschbaum, U. & V. Wirth (1995) Flechten erkennen - Luftgüte bestimmen Ulmer Verlag, Stuttgart
Purvis, O.W.
B.J, Coppins
D.L. Hawksworth
P.W. James
D.M. Moore (ed) (1992)
The Lichen Flora of Great-Britain British Lichen Society, London
Wirth, V. (1995) Die Flechten Baden-Württembergs
Teil 1 und 2
2. Aufl.
Ulmer, Stuttgart
Wirth, V. (1995) Flechtenflora UTB Ulmer, Stuttgart

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